Community Preparedness for Cyber Incidents

When: April 20th: 1300-1700hrs
April 21st: 0800-1700hrs
Where: Charlotte Fire Headquarters
500 Dalton Ave, Charlotte, NC

MGT-384 The EOC’s Role in Community Cyber Security is a 12 hour non-technical course designed to provide a platform to begin the cross-sector discussions to plan for cyber-security in your community.  This course sets the stage to provide some fundamental cyber awareness and assists cross sector participants to understand how cyber events can impact a community, Emergency Management/First Responders and our daily lives. In this course, participants will discover the roles and responsibilities needed to detect, prevent, and respond to a cyber-security incident. Using past cyber events, participants will explore how the Emergency Management and community representatives from all sectors should work together to plan for and manage information and resources needed for a cyber-event.