Sport Event Risk Management

What: Sport Event Risk Management
When: February 24th and 25th
Where: Charlotte Fire Headquarters
500 Dalton Ave., Charlotte, NC 28206

This course focuses on building capabilities for multi-agency collaboration. Intact university teams will learn to agree on basic concepts relative to: planning, risk assessment, training, exercising plans, and recovery/ business continuity through scenario-based training modules. The university teams will be composed of specialists from five distinct areas: campus police, athletic department, emergency management, Fire/HazMat, and emergency medical/health services. The expectation is for these leadership teams to return to their respective universities and coordinate development of a sport event security management system. The Sports Event Security Aware (SESA) system, developed by the Center for Spectator Sports Security Management (CSSSM), will be the basis for these back-home developments.

Target Audience:

  • Athletic facility administrators
  • Campus police
  • Emergency medical/health services
  • Fire/HazMat
  • Local jurisdiction emergency management directors at NCAA Division I, II, and III institutions

Pre-requisites: None