Capability Assessment Tool

We are calling on our partners to help create a more clear picture of our regional resilience.  Hospitals and Long-term Care representatives are encouraged to complete the Functional Capability Assessment Tool.  This survey addresses basic capabilities and preparedness measures, ranging from services offered to infrastructure (power and water capabilities).  The data generated by this survey will aid us in determining where to best focus our planning efforts in order to help ensure the region’s ability to cope with disaster.


Steps to complete the process:

  1. Download the PDF version of the survey (use as a workbook prior to logging into online survey tool)
  2. Follow the provided link in order to fill out the online survey:


We encourage respondents to work with members of their facility staff in order to accurately complete the survey.  Only one survey is needed per facility.  Individual survey responses will remain private and will not be shared publically or with any other respondents.