Anson County Health & Rehabilitation HVAC Deployment

The popup summer storms that have been affecting the Metrolina region are bound to bring their shareAnson LTC1_Fotor of issues with them, including series of power outages. On Friday, July 15th, Anson County Health & Rehabilitation experienced one such outage after falling trees impacted nearby power lines. Though generator power was able to provide emergency lighting for the facility, the air conditioning was not functional. Metrolina Healthcare Preparedness Coalition was requested to provide HVAC support to the facility until power was restored.

Staff members from the MHPC were able to load the HVAC units and supporting materials and have them delivered to the facility within a few hours. Due the urgency of the situation, volunteers were not contacted or Anson LTC3_Fotordeployed. They were notified of the event several hours afterwards in order to keep everyone in the loop.

The Coalition, together with personnel from Anson County Emergency Management and Anson County Health and Rehabilitation were able to set up portable HVAC units within the facility, providing a comfortable environment for both the residents and staff. Duke Energy was ultimately able to restore power to the building during the early morning hours on Saturday.