Cabarrus EMS NASCAR Support



Each May and October, Cabarrus County experiences a dramatic surge in population as NASCAR fans move in for upwards of two weeks in some cases to participate in the festivities that coincide with a NASCAR Race. Cabarrus Co EMS handles this surge in population by establishing dedicated treatment locations and teams around the Speedway. This allows for fast care to be provided to the participates, but also helps decrease the impact of the event on the community. For several years the MHPC has been providing support to Cabarrus EMS by loaning them our 4 Philips MRX Cardiac Monitors. This year they also became the first to utilize our updated Philips MP2 Telemetry System, which includes 12 portable vital signs monitors and a more mobile central monitoring station. These items were used inside their main treatment/rehab tent

CabEMSBedwithMP2 CabEMSCentMP2Station