MHPC Participates in CMPD/FBI Full-Scale Exercise

On Wednesday, March 29th,  the MHPC participated in a joint CMPD/FBI mass casualty exercise. This exercise focused on the aftermath of a complex, multi-threat incident involving an active shooter in addition to an IED detonation within a workplace.

Participants from CMPD/FBI processed each crime scene, collecting and preserving evidence both from the scene as well as from simulated patients.

Members of the public volunteered to role-play as “witnesses” to the simulated events, allowing law enforcement to interview them on the scene and collect valuable information.

Due to the complexity of mass casualty incidents, this training scenario was invaluable to law enforcement and healthcare organizations within the Charlotte region. It allowed for multi-agency cooperation within a logistically challenging scenario.

This gave the MHPC another opportunity to practice its role as a liaison between Incident Command and our partner hospitals within the region.