The MHPC Attends Wester Shelter Training

On March 22, 2017 MHPC and MED1 team members attended training on the Western Shelter GK 20. The class instructor was Jean-Louis Gomes from Wester Shelter Systems, USA. MED1 hosted the class at their warehouse facility and their shelter was used for the hands on.


The training covered information on the following:

  • Important points about the shelter itself
  • Setting the shelter up
  • Learning about the different equipment that can be used with it, such as additional type shelters, HVAC units, lights etc.
  • How to set up the additional equipment
  • Dismantling the shelter
  • Proper cleaning and storage of the shelter














This training opportunity offered insightful information on the Western Shelter itself. It also gave the two teams an opportunity to work together and to form a stronger connection.


Thank you to Carolinas MED1 for inviting MHPC to join them in the training.