Carolina Rebellion SMAT Support

The beginning of May brought with it the first SMAT deployment of an already busy month. Members of the Metrolina SMAT and staff of the MHPC deployed resources and personnel to Carolina Rebellion held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Campgrounds from May 6th through May 8th. The Carolina Rebellion was a three day concert event that saw an average of 40,000 people per day, with continuous concerts across five stages throughout the day and evening. Regional partners, including Cabarrus EMS, CHS-NorthEast Events Medicine, reached out to MHPC for assistance during this event knowing there was a great potential for medical surge as a result.

Long before any resources were actually deployed to the event site, volunteers were busy helping staff prepare the needed equipment that was to be sent. Several volunteers spent time a week prior to the event prepping the MO bags, gathering equipment from around the warehouse, and organizing the Medical Support Units for deployment. In addition, volunteers helped to load and unload the restock trailer that was going to be taken to the event. The restock trailer was a crucial part in the logistics protocol that had been established and had anxiously been awaiting testing. This deployment gave personnel an opportunity to test the logistics protocol in real-time during a very real event.

The event medical site was comprised of three medical tents: a main tent near the main gate, and two satellite tents near the two larger stages. Prior to the event, the MHPC placed a Medical Support Unit at the location for each satellite tent.  At each tent,  the MHPC provided cots,  MP2 vital signs monitors, MO bags,  and  ABC and Wound Care treatment carts. The Restock Trailer was positioned nearby to provide real-time replacement of supplies as they were used.

During the first day of the Rebellion, volunteers and staff assisted CHS Events Medicine in the set up of three medical tents that were around the venue. Volunteers were then posted at the three medical tents in order to help CHS Events Medicine and Cabarrus EMS with the equipment and patients that were brought in.

The following days saw much of the same with volunteers being stationed at medical stations throughout the venue to provide support. Throughout the three days, over 2,000 patients were seen

IMG_3688with forty being transported by ambulance to another facility. The MHPC and Metrolina SMAT was able to work side by side with Cabarrus EMS, Charlotte Motor Speedway EMS, CMC Northeast Special Events, and contracted volunteer ambulance squads throughout the entire event and it was and excellent opportunity to work with our partners!

Many lessons related to our inventory management process were learned from this event, both beforehand, during, and afterwards.

MHPC and Metrolina SMAT is grateful to their regional partners for extending the invitation to assist them!