NASCAR Race Weekends SMAT Support

Following the substantial deployment of assets and personnel to the Carolina Rebellion earlier in the month of May, the MHPC and Metrolina SMAT were requested to by Cabarrus EMS to assist with two weekends of NASCAR races to be held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This was the second year in a row that the MHPC and Metrolina SMATRace Volunteers were asked to participate and assist the response of Cabarrus EMS with the weekend races. Beginning on May 20th and occurring over a ten day stretch into the Memorial Day weekend, Cabarrus EMS, CHS NorthEast, and CHS University all stood the chance of seeing medical surge due to the overwhelming popularity of the races.

Cabarrus EMS, CHS NorthEast Events Medicine, CMC Events Medicine, the MHPC, along with volunteers from area rescue squads were able to come together during the ten day period in order to ensure that race attendees medical needs were met quickly and efficiently. The main goal was to get spectators back to the event as quickly as possible, but also alleviate the need for the citizens of Cabarrus County to be affected by a large momentary influx of population. By providing onsite care during the event, the potential for medical surge at surround facilities was marked diminished.

The MHPC was able to provide Cabarrus EMS with the use of its Medical Support Unit as a treatment area throughout the event. In addition, the MP2 vital signs monitors were used in the Western Shelter that Cabarrus 13243986_1052381891511483_1266216964243287907_oEMS set up as an supplementary treatment area. The MHPC was also able to deploy laptops in order to assist CHS NorthEast Events Medicine with patient documentation. Though the equipment played a tremendous role in assisting our partners, the help of our volunteers cannot go unnoticed. The MHPC and Metrolina SMAT was able to provide BLS staffing during four days of the event. Without the work and time of ten volunteers, none of this would have been possible!